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  1. My is already up for trade, looking for equally good Legendary pokemon
  2. I'll take an equally good Galarian legendary or any ultra beast, just make a good offer
  3. I'm putting my up for trade, make your best offers. ID - R3HAB
  4. I have a Shiny Mime Jr. level 75 and it says they can be evolved to Mr. Rime through Galarian evolution but when I try to, only the normal evolution shows up. Is that a glitch or do I have to be in Galarian sidequests to evolve it to a Mr. Rime?
  5. Can the Galar legendaries be found on the legacy maps? after completing the Galar gym battles and the league battles.
  6. Possible they haven't been unlocked for me yet? I've finished Alolan Gym and league battles quite some time ago and most recently I've finished galar region gym and league battles, but i've never come across any Alolan form Pokemon or Galarian form Pokemon. I have a few that evolve into ordinary/alolan form but none that are alolan or galarian from the map
  7. I don't know if it was on purpose or not but when i click on the names of Pokemon of different type classes(shiny, dark, mystic etc), and try to check their evolved forms by clicking on them, their type class disappears. for example I click on Shiny Kyogre and checked its evolved form it shows the normal Kyogre primal without the Shiny in its name or form. PS: Also thank you for Vortex, it's been my go to game since 2014
  8. you literally offered up an evolved form of pansear bro, not a good offer
  9. Most of the pokemon you have I already got, the only ones that i didn't have were and zygrade complete which i'm gonna assume you don't wanna trade
  10. I have a , and Also i have other mythical and legendary Pokemon Which I'm willing to trade. Check out my profile - R3HAB Make your best offers
  11. R3HAB

    Uniques Mystic Meltan

    I already have a
  12. Trading a mystic meltan Give me your best offers
  13. R3HAB

    Uniques Mystic Meltan

    MYSTIC MELTAN Give your best offers
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