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  1. Ign ZekromPokeCatcher Favourite pokemons : and Hope that this is a good giveaway
  2. Yes only shinies have 500 hp All unique such as dark, shiny, mettalic have their own positives or effects
  3. IGN ZekromPokeCatcher favorite Pokes: Pikachu, Necrozma favourite food: burger and fries
  4. Vortex take 10 percent of every purchase. 10 percent of 10 million is 1 million. 10-1=9
  5. Hello I am trading lots of Pokemon on my trade list! 90 plus some include etc come and check my trade list now! I mostly want sell my list but trades are ok as well ign ZekromPokeCatcher
  6. Hello guys I have listed over 90 Pokemon on my trade list! Some of them include ultra beats like and .Hurry up and offer for them now. You can either PM me if u wish to buy them or offer straight away from my trade list. There is no need for any negotiation here PM me in-game. Thank you
  7. I sent a friend request we can discuss trading over there
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