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  1. Oops now I joined because I forgot to join
  2. I'm following your jojojobany so give me a random Pokemon
  3. Actually I have a Charizard I don't really need the Charizard but I will buy a Charmander at pokeBay
  4. What if I just give you a Charmander by itself will that work
  5. You mean we must go find a shiny Froakie and level it up or we could just get a shiny Greninja or shiny Frogadier
  6. My wife who is not in my Pokemon I bought it at the PokeMart and plus the only purchase it shows its Entei so the only choice you got is Entei until my Pokemon arrived or I will buy a new one
  7. I could trade you my Lugia for Kyogre is that level 100
  8. I love Kyogre you want to trade a Lugia for a Kyogre if you say yes I'll be so excited also if you say no it's fine but if you say my IGN is POKENWR
  9. Who wants my legendary dogs for the event Pokemon I have Raikou suicune and Entei
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