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  1. Yes, I read about how it works, but for those people who do not have much opportunity to take something big and some buy like 10 to 20 tickets, they don't take anything. Should they give the opportunity to others who are trying to take something, and those who have been winning for several weeks in a row will continue to earn billions? They should do one thing because if the same person continues to win the lottery 2 weeks in a row they should not participate 1 week so that others can also participate, it is only an opinion, I hope they take it into account
  2. I come to express myself about what is happening, it has been several weeks that Mr_Chemicals is winning more than 4 weeks in a row in the auction he has many billions which is being passed pokedollar to different accounts and SiaWebber has more than 2 billions, there are players who are starting and others are already old and do not win anything, they must close those 2 for 1 week or more so that other participants can participate and take some other prizes, they 2 are the only ones who have been winning several weeks in a row winning in the auction would be fair that they will stop participating for a few weeks and that others can win, hopefully they can take my request into account it is not fair that they have won weeks in a row in the lottery, I am outraged
  3. I do not know if it is real to catch those legendary ones on route 24.25 and at the end of the route I have been looking for a good time for one on one of those routes and I cannot find it, it seems that it was a waste of time 3 days, 1 day on each route and I didn't find anything good
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