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  1. is technically a kanto pokemon because alolan is in the name dosent mean thats where it originates from because ninetales came out first do the origin region is kanto same with other pokemon like its origin region is unova even if its galarian same with ninetales. mods if i am wrong please correct me
  2. kkonatray

    Universal pokebay

    im selling almost all my pokes on pokebay theres things like and a bunch of other stuff like so go now to pokebay auctions (almost everything is 25-50 k)
  3. kkonatray

    Universal shop

    im doing it for lunala
  4. kkonatray

    Universal shop

    i was talking to someone for trades
  5. kkonatray

    Universal exp

    im training a charizard rn and im not stealing
  6. kkonatray

    Universal exp

    yes kkonaray is my username
  7. kkonatray

    Universal shop

    or what everone u want to trade for both 1 for 2
  8. kkonatray

    Universal shop

    u tell me i will take anything as long as its fair
  9. kkonatray

    Universal shop

    i i made an offer on ur garatina for it
  10. kkonatray

    Universal shop

    trading all these offer me here or msg me ign:kkonatray
  11. tell everyone u know come to the palkia and dialga statues in the live map infront of the gym patrick is there we need to parise the lord patrick and patrick if youre reading this stay there and i will get the whole server there
  12. i they look simalar but those are shiny
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