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  1. Hello auvime Thank you For Telling Me How To Get Money By Fighting Now I Can Bid A Promo Code Of Zygrade Complete!!!

    Thank U Laughing GIF by PusheenZygarde (Complete)

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      Yes I Did Many Times

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      i didn't need to thank you, it was a pleasure to help you

    4. TuneFist
  2. auvime

    Answered Kubfu

    hi i just captured a kubfu, i would like to know how i evolve it.
  3. Thanks, the option to minimize the screen greatly improved the character's speed, now i can play again. (ps.: sorry if the writing is not perfect, i write in portuguese and use the translator to send it to you.) Thank you so much love this game.
  4. know how to read? i explained, it's slow and restarting
  5. insert the new pokemon into the old map! For me the map is slow and restarting automatically, i know i will not be missed but i will come back when the map improves or the new pokemons are on the old map, while ii will be on the planet pokemon, there the map works.
  6. i hated this new map, i played vortex for more than three years and after that map i am thinking of stopping, the map is full of flaws, and unfortunately if you want to catch new pokemons you have to go on it, i hated it.
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