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  1. LF shiny eevee or absolite


  2. Neo_SeN

    The Noob's Giveaway

    ign: Neo_SeN i got 43 (the odd one<<<)
  3. ign : Neo_SeN *quickly hops to 100 post*
  4. Trading all pokemon up for trade for magikarps Magikarp

  5. Shout out to @Hex A. Decimal for making me this awesome custom sprite if you guys want one you should really hit him up :D Untitled.png.cd3e16e4338d96e95cbc7f84306

  6. Neo_SeN

    Giveaway Quick (Or Not Quick) Contest

    Everyone needs a thundurus
  7. Neo_SeN

    Giveaway Quick (Or Not Quick) Contest

    Every Quick post that IGN it's extremely OP
  8. Neo_SeN

    Giveaway SoupsMcNova's Giveaway (4?)

    IGN: Neo_SeN thanks for the giveaway and those pokemon look awesome to me
  9. Neo_SeN

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    You willing to trade belle pikachu for a dark missingno.?
  10. If you have any of the legends left could I please grab a couple? I joined a couple weeks before it reset and only managed to get one legend and not I feel like I lost the will to live after losing them, I'll have something up for trade if you can then just offer on anything

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    2. Neo_SeN


      Legends tend to show more often when you're not looking for them and the one's you do look for show up when it's least expected 

    3. Bill Bob

      Bill Bob

      Yeah I see what you mean, all I can say is thank you, I almost stopped playing but you have definitely kept me going now!

    4. Neo_SeN


      No problem make sure to read the msg i sent :3 


  11. My goal today is to catch all the unowns

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    2. StarPonyta20
    3. Neo_SeN


      i dont want you to catch them again :3

    4. StarPonyta20


      I don't want me to catch them again.

  12. Neo_SeN

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Sorry but no they won't
  13. Neo_SeN

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    I'm looking for events for my dark missingno.