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  1. Well, a few days ago I was watching fakemons to practice a bit doing pixelart, and I stumbled upon that hypothetical evolution of Raichu. and I liked your design too much and that's why I propose this to you. This false evolution of Raichu is called Gorochu, and by its design I would say that it is very attractive, it would be Electric and Fire type. and it could learn attacks like Metal Claw, Dragon Claw, Fire Spin, and maybe Iron Tail. I leave the other attacks to your imagination. ¿Would you like to have this incredible Gorochu on your team? to me if XD ¿How would Raichu evolve to Gorochu? I guess with the Fire Stone.
  2. Hi, I have a little problem ... when I start this game I always have the "legacy map" option activated because I usually play from my phone. Anyway, I was looking for the option "show / hide players" but I can't find it anywhere, I want to see enable that option again to see other players. I don't know if now with this new update you can only see your character and not the other players ... I appreciate all kinds of help.
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