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  1. Ign: Lillyzard, favorite pokemon: charizard favorite food: noodles.
  2. Lillyzard

    Answered Zamazenta

    You can find it in route 21 day. If you ever get lost, use this: https://ibb.co/q7TxXVD.
  3. What do u want for kubfu. Look at my pokemon. Ign: Lillyzard
  4. Check my pokemons. Ign: Lillyzard.
  5. Ign Lillyzard I want solgaleo and lunala and eternatus.
  6. Ronakcena512, can I trade u my lvl 100 metallic landerous for your solegleo? Thanks, Lillyzard.
  7. Hi kailpo! Ign: Lillyzard. I want mewtwo mega x.
  8. hey thephog2020 can i trade my shadow noivern for your aerodactyl?? Thanks, Lillyzard.
  9. Um sorry but now I have Mega Rayquaza.
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