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  1. ign: lillyzard bye hope you have fun while you are gone from vortex
  2. ign: lillyzard Congrats on 30 followers
  3. rip ur 10 year friendship

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    2. foodviro2.0


      no you are look at all the messages youve sent me

    3. Aye-o-a-Sylveon


      i was trolling do u not get it

    4. red_wolf_
  4. umm where is your pokeball on auctions?
  5. I think you should give a few pokemon to each person.
  6. How much pokedollars or what pokemon i have do you want 4 ? Ign:lillyzard
  7. Ign: Lillyzard Good luck being away from vortex @nfl0.
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