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  1. There might be some issue , while battling with Sceptile ( mega ) it's image is shown in reverse. Please check it and hopefully you'll fix it ASAP.
  2. So it will apply to all Pokemons or only for starters
  3. Does evolution of a Pokemon count as unique pokemon? Or all evolution of a single form will be count as one . Fir Example if I have 1 charmander 1 charmilne & 1 Charizard . It will be counted as one or three unique Pokemon
  4. What happens if my listed items are remains unsold and I don't have space in my inventory? For instance '' I listed 50 ultra ball in 10units each × 5 auction . And now I have won the 25 ultra ball as daily login and total ultra balls I have right now is 225 what happens now? Will items will be disappear forever?
  5. Do add the location of gyms.
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