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  1. The strongest Pokémon in vortex is dark mega sableye
  2. Hi everyone I have a question about whos that pokemon I saw this is how u can get cosmog and i would like to participate but i dont know how
  3. ok that sounds good all of the pokemon are early route pokemon
  4. does joining aug 7 count as new? if so ign foodviro
  5. Hello everyone I was using the rock type training account and noticed something I think should be fixed with it to make it better the thing is i was looking at one of the butterfree's move sets and it had 2 moves that do nothing harden and string shot but they can also earn splash which does nothing as well can u please consider this to update and make the training account better.
  6. i want wonder trade really badly
  7. Guys guess what today I officially have 1k Pokemon my thousandth pokemon was a shiny stufful this really means a lot to me and i just want to say thankyou to all the people that made this happen i love this game and and have been playing for 2 months 

    1. Captaincam1


      Wow awesome job foodviro! That must have felt awesome! I met you a while ago but your an awesome player! I'm rooting for you!

    2. foodviro


      Thank you so much captaincam1 for the support you are a good friend

  8. oh i my favorite pokemon is feniken but they are rare shuckle is cool
  9. glarian mr mime for genesect
  10. dude do u what do u think i should try to collect
  11. im broke i dont even have mil can u please tell me how to get money
  12. also do u think raisin is a good name for my shiny remoraid in a master ball
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