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  1. Bro @Abhiramv when will first round end
  2. Yaavudaadaru moole ge hoogi Paach ko
  3. @Darshil_Irex please battle me fast there no much time left
  4. Pokemast-2704 From the meaning and purpose to the meaning of you are interested in this email is strictly confidential and intended solely and exclusively on the people in the future try to solve it for 4 days but not event type flareon a few times you are you still there are so I can do it Like this @Babby246??
  5. @Darshil_Irex when will you battle me
  6. Bro shall we battle now

    1. Pokemast-2704


      Bro are you there

  7. Not discord ign Give showdown ign
  8. Ign: Pokemast-2704 Showdown id :pokemast-2704
  9. I won my opponent @Bondane battled well, thanks for battling me. Video: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8randombattle-1210791752 Pic: https://imgflip.com/i/4k1azr
  10. Bro @4567ash,my opponent @aditya.s13 Didn't reply to my message before time
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