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  1. I'll offer my Mega Rayquaza you can offer Eternatus if you wish. IGN: SkyEye
  2. You are offering a Eternatus for a Mega Rayquaza?
  3. If you want anything for trade.. check my IGN: SkyEye. Willing to pay pd also ( 500k- 1mil) Thanks!
  4. Hey, how about all 3 legendaries you require for the shiny missing? You can check for other pokemon too. IGN: SkyEye
  5. aren't you the person who wins lotteries always... damnn how much do you invest at a time?
  6. what do you want for the shiny Porygon? Check my pokemon at my IGN: SkyEye
  7. Check my IGN: SkyEye Tell me if you like anything
  8. Hey, anything you want for the Eternatus? Check my profile @SkyEye
  9. That's too much oof I'll put it in auction for 150k IGN : SkyEye
  10. I have a Milotic Avatar, what would you be offering for it?
  11. What do you need for Scorbunny? IGN: SkyEye
  12. Hey, how about a for your ?
  13. I have and What can you offer me?
  14. Hey, I have a bunch of variant pokemon that you may like. IGN : SkyEye You can check ans inform me if anything catches your eye
  15. uhh i dont exactly know its value so.. could you like select a pokemon from my pokemons that ya like..?
  16. whatcha need for this guy? check my pokemon IGN : SkyEye
  17. ign : SkyEye i kinda look like this lil guy here
  18. Trading a and a Offers on my IGN :SkyEye
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