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  1. bruh, don't try to scam even if it is not ure price is way over teh counter
  2. btw i like ure profile pic

  3. https://discord.gg/9UCpsMDbcX

    Join it, its fun we are stilll in devolpment but still good 

  4. but thanks for helping even tho u got a dislike
  5. tripinch and rhyhorn are better absols are teh best of all
  6. u offer i don't want to go looking for the pokemon i want just offer idc what pokemon it is
  7. i have one it is up for trade idk what u offer
  8. the tormanet must return lets reopen next month heres why we need to get prizes and im planing to make a discord server were we can stream the battles and stuff and i need to train as well lol well tell me what you think

  9. I am free for 15 min to do anything showdown? call? whatever?

  10. how many fav pokemons do u have


    1. kalipo
    2. iweimax0524


      i mean u posted like 200 profile pics that are all diferent

      eevee and charizard are mine

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    2. red_wolf_


      ... ( respect your elders - @Captaincam1 wow who know captain cam was a smart old man XD )

    3. candy_fudgekin


      wow and i get a notificaction for this?

    4. candy_fudgekin


      oh no 4 more just happened : /

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