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  1. sorry for the late reply The winners are tunefist and plutonium I will offer u a pokemon soon and for tunefist u asked what leval is it I will train one to leval 100.
  2. It is a giveaway but only for people who are my friend or that is in The Infernals clan. Enter ure Ign to win. There will be more than 1 winner anther prize will be a and the final prize is a . GL
  3. ign Iweimax0534 thanks!
  4. thanks! offer me any pokemon on my trade section.
  5. todays give away is a post ure Igns. Their will be 2 winners this time.
  6. congrats u won put up a unless poke for trade
  7. Today I will be giving away a so post ure ings in.Good luck
  8. congrats u are the winner. put up a weak poke for trade and I will offer u by tomorrow finished
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