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  1. hello are u interested in Shiny LunalaandDark Caterpie (Christmas)legit OT

    1. VenomBurner5


      Yes to the shiny lunala

  2. My second point may be phrased poorly, im referring specifically to being able to sort when trading pokemon or when auctioning pokemon, as both these situations involve scrolling through a list of all your pokemon alphabetically which can be very tedious
  3. For the auction, adding an option to relist an item at the exact same price without needing to manually type it in would be awesome, this would help quite a bit for things like avatars that don't sell super often. So maybe a new functionality for relist that just puts it back up at the same price as before. In general, for anything that requires pokemon outside of "View all your pokemon", being able to search/sort for specific pokemon would be incredibly helpful. Specifically for listing pokemon on auction, or offering pokemon in a trade, being able to search for a pokemon or even sort b
  4. Woops, I thought this was a general thread, ill make a new one!
  5. Got another suggestion: When offering pokemon for a trade, we should be able to sort by experience, recently caught, dark/mystic/metallic/etc, or at the very least, be able to search pokemon names so we don't have to scroll forever
  6. Can we get an option to relist an auction at the exact same value when clicking "relist", instead of having to re-enter it? Also being able to search pokemon when listing on the auction would be awesome!
  7. Hey! Im collecting every variant of Volcanion, and i need Ill take promos or claimed! I've got lots of PDS, as well as a bunch of pokemon/promos to trade including a . Reply here or send me a message if interested! IGN is venomburner5
  8. Dunno if it's been said yet, but adding a "fly" option once all 8 gyms have been beaten allowing a person to fly to individual maps instead of having to walk would be awesome!
  9. Anyone got a they're willing to trade? I've got pkd, and a bunch of legendaries/events to trade. ign is Venomburner5 so lemme know!
  10. Looking for a I've got
  11. Looking for a Anyone got one and looking for something specific? my IGN is venomburner5
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