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  1. @Patrick Check you pm in discord. I explained the whole situation. not right on that account since 2017. I came back now (in August of that year)
  2. I talk about the attack updates that each pokemln had on ultra sun, ultra mon, sword, shield and expassion pass. The current attacks in the vortex pokemon are out of date still in pokemon XY-ORAS.
  3. You could link/use my old suggestion of daily missions( link ) with the one I will give now: Possibility to battle against avatar/trainer created by the game and who had a team with pokes above the level 150, 200, etc. depending on the mission tier (similar to special battle when the game's ADM was, but more difficult and without the opportunity to give f5 / refresh while battling). It would be an excellent opportunity to implement Z-moves as well, but only for avatars/traners created by the game to be placed on the map as part of daily missions. It would be nice to be able to
  4. add ultra sun, ultra moon attacks (including move tutor) and new swsh attacks for each poke. I would love to have a shiftry with heat wave, pangoro with outrage, focus punch and fling and sodowoodo with head smash, but they still don't learn those attacks. They could include US and UM move tutors in some type of existing or future game engine (daily missions, quest, etc.) Edit.12/11/2020 Ps: The current attacks in the pokemon vortex are out of date still in pokemon XY-ORAS.
  5. I think it's already perfect. Maybe they can do weekly events and between any of these events, they put double encounter for legend and ultra beast or just one of the two depending on how they are going to do. I already gave an idea about daily missions and events (with this same resource) weekly and with limited time. The player who completed them (probably would be a tier A or maybe S mission), could win as a prize, a time of 30min of legendary double encounter link to my suggestion (to make it clearer what I said.)
  6. would change the name shadow, because there is this type in the game. I know it would be a new form of event(halloween or shadow) and not a new typing, but it would be more difficult to make a shiny and shadow form of it. However it would be interesting if it were a new type of pokemon whose name would be "millennial" (in this case it would be millennial dratini, dragonair and dragonite). I believe the game could have more unique types of pokes. (In addition to those we already know: dark, mystic, metallic, shadow and shiny)
  7. done, but I would add short auctions for your idea. But it would probably be impossible to apply, therefore, to increase the number of items and pokes in the game. But I would like to see exclusive auctions that last less than 24h
  8. hi patrick, i lost access to my old email and i can't recover my old account (marllonflaxdxd). I sent you a message via discord, but I believe you closed the status to not receive private messages (or just not to notify, I still don't understand the minimum about discord). I know that you are busy with a possible update of the map for the new legends (I'm not sure, I just believe), Christmas event or other internal change in the game, but it would be of great importance to me, to recover that account. @Patrick
  9. I recommend that you do a daily quest type (daily missions other than sidequest a battle) that rewards participants for completing each of these daily quests. They could be divided into tiers of difficulty: D (easy), C (medium), B (difficult), A (elite) and S (top). Each with a different level of prize, that is, quest tier D, which will be the first of the day, will give light / cheap prizes (low amount of money, stones from the pokemart, etc.), while those from the tier S will be the last level quest, after the players have already gone through all the other tiers (D, C, B and A). At the end
  10. you could solve the problem of devaluation of mega stones by creating a box in the same model as the misterio box, but for sidequest. (S-quest box?) This new sidequest exclusive box, would have a higher percentage to come and would not have the rarest items included in it (like fossils, orbs and items from the latest sidequests like alolan and galar) basically, the box would make it possible to come with mega stones, some items that are not very rare (they could include sillavally memory items as the rarest), balls (not including master, beast and vortex) and non-event pokemon (porygon forms,
  11. Hi Patrick, I started playing again after 2 years because I had time to play again and a few months and I lost some information that I had written down and some others I had saved. I lost 3 emails out of 4, two accounts within that game and I can't recover those 2 secondary ones (I had to create a new one). Would you help me? I can prove my identity, contact me on discord, I sent you a message over there, but I'm not lucky to find you online when I enter @Patrick @flamescape
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