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  1. Nuttynecrozma vs Pokemast-2704 Kalipo vs Babby246 Fayaz123 vs ash723
  2. pranjal how to join


  3. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8randombattle-1206141757-fbj3ipsif03bg1jz465ze76oclakirmpw this is how we play in showdown for new people
  4. its battle at showdown

    1. Fayaz123


      where i should go now bro


    2. ash723
  5. hi bro can u wt is this about


  6. people should battle in showdown beta with there opponent random pokemon battle new players must registor and play the contest the winner will get a rufflet level 50 and a virizion level 58
  7. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8randombattle-1205083346 SORRY I LOST GOD PLAY POKEMAST-2704 U WON I LOST ITS FINE
  8. Do you want to battle now

    1. Fayaz123


      bro wt is this site about


    2. Pokemast-2704


      Bro it's battle at showdown

  9. Hello, are you ready for battle. Please message me at game ,here and in discord if you are ready.

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