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  1. meetqwer

    EXP traing

    i am doing exp traing messege here if u want
  2. meetqwer

    Universal trade

    not kidding every poke for trade
  3. nope TheRedHeadedDuck job
  4. iam closed i got an job now aftre that exp job will be done
  5. send me friend request we will talk there
  6. i am doing heart traing i am trusted my ign meetqwer
  7. meetqwer

    Universal trade

    they are not level 6 or 7 all i can buy it then
  8. meetqwer

    Universal trade

    2million per 100poke
  9. closed again got an job
  10. meetqwer

    Universal trade

    my every poke is for trade my ign meetqwer
  11. now after 2 days i got some jobs to do
  12. i am an exp trainer my price is 1exp for 3 pds the ratio is1:3 not training more tham 1 million at a time my ign meetqwer and pls do not message to say that you are doing very low exp
  13. hey my ign is meetqwer i am simply selling any starter poke which is normal like not shadow,shinyetc i can arrange maximum 15 starter poke if you want then tell me and i will i am accepting other poke and pds also just contact if you need
  14. now i am training only 500k exp at a time
  15. sorru but i am putting exp training to an end
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