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  1. Lol bro exp has more value ask anyone
  2. Bro btw only looking for money
  3. K guys i will put all my money in lottery then lol
  4. price will vary since its mewtwo but if you want shadow mewtwo i have shadow metwo mega Y and the price is 1mil
  5. I hunt pokemon but only uniques,leggies and starters i do not hunt ultra beasts i need pds or rare pokemon price shadow or shiny legend=500kpds pds or 12 unique pokemon other variants legend pokemon=100kpds or 8 unique pokemon starter pokemon=85 k pds or 5 3 unique pokemon and 150k pds for galar starters or 5 unique pokemon CURRENT JOBS none JOBS DONE none
  6. train sahdow munchlax to 2 quadrilion exp and obviously thats a no so train to 20 mil pls
  7. if you want squirtle and treeko i have them
  8. will exp train pokemon for money or pokemon 200k exp1.2 mil pokedollars 300k exp1.3mil pokedollars 400kexp 1.4mil pokedollars 500k exp 1.5 mil pokedollars 1mil exp 3mil pokedollars
  9. so since necrozma nexus event is coming i was wondering if we could have necrozma 's spawn rate a little common since its unfair players like me can't get it
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