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  1. When we evolve our Frosmoths, it should be night! But I evolved my Frosmoths in Day (without any access to VPN) and also If I remember I evolved my Nuzleaf into Shiftry without using Leaf Stone (really I didn't had any Leaf Stone). But sorry I forgot to take screenshots and it is almost impossible to prove the case of my Nuzleaf, But I can prove (if needed in case of Frosmoth). Developers please take a look in the problem...
  2. Glad to see new V5 version of Pokémon Vortex, we might got a new server and also many new Pokémon. But found a lill problem in our dex or I guess while viewing our Pokémon. As u can see here all my Groudon/Kyogre and Groudon (Primal)/Kyogre (Primal) are mixed. This was not a problem in V4. And this happens to pokes that have got the same number like in Mega pokes and their per forms, Arceus and its events forms, Furfrou and its froms. I request mods to please look into the problem at once. (Ign: Alolan_Store) Thank You.
  3. @HDDaksh it is not the only thing I need for all, So doing SideQuest 50 times won't do anything. And if i want I can get the within 2-3 days.
  4. No need to worry. The Green sign is for the players who are doing seasonals, they can easily get to know which poke they have caught and which not. This will be Different each Season.
  5. No my name, Let it be. Still congrats for 10,000 Shuckle But when will I complete my Legendary Dex ...... Between i'll be sending u a gift Soon Message #trades
  6. Not fairy enough bro lol....
  7. Hey guys! I am looking for Will offer Experience Training for each form or can trade the Normal Ultra Beast I have with some exp. Let me know if u have any of the above Neutral.
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