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  1. hi

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    2. red_wolf_


      to your old self its my account now

    3. foodviro2.0
    4. Aye-o-a-Sylveon


      no then y dont u have golden oreo bc oreo was normal and goldenoreo is golden lmao

  2. rip oreo biggest acomplishment was nothing o well

    1. xVx-Oreo


      you could say that

    2. Aye-o-a-Sylveon


      but ur oreo tho lol

  3. ight ill cyall next week

  4. yo


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    2. xVx-Oreo


      u can still have my account im just looking for people to friend

    3. Aye-o-a-Sylveon
    4. Rustyison


      You back??

  5. bro u know im jk man idc anymore man but who ever gets the original owner will forever remember my name
  6. Anubis i cant believe ur selling my mewtwo i gave u i gave it to u bc we were friends :c
  7. foodviro why r u hating on me its getting hella annoying how ppl disliking things man imma leave man these ppl imature

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    2. foodviro2.0


      Did you see why I hated you were being rude to babby246 and it made me mad

    3. foodviro2.0


       here is proof that you were rude to babby246 check the status update were it happened

      @iweimax0524 and @red_wolf_ and @kalipo

      say congratulations to Ashplaz for getting -200 reputation


    4. xVx-Oreo


      thats was along time ago and it was mean to say that man it just annoying man and u keep doing it man fr this time

      who ever wants my account im giving it out

  8. umm if u have boi and girl do girl gardevoir and boy gallade if u have girl gardevoir becuase it has a dress i mean
  9. no its needs to b girl for gardevoir boy for gallade
  10. Everyone is gone on the weekends

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