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  1. can someone help me get a pfp pic for the clan i want a eevee pfp

  2. Hungry Ren And Stimpy GIF by NickRewind

    This is me every 10 minutes after eating.

    Im always hungry.

  3. i meant trainers on map sry guys that r bots that we cant friend u know

  4. i want zacian crown and i feel like we should earn it by getting zacian and then doing another quest for the  sword

    like battle trainers

    maybe we can get the update where we can battle bots in the map and get a new map or sum like i want sum thing to do with maps or battling or special quest to recieve pokemon

    1. Chamancharizad123


      Zacian (Crowned) is an event poke.

      So if you want you have to wait for event(sword and shield).

      And  if you want to suggest ideas you can post in ideas and feedback section.

      Have a nice day :)

  5. I want zacian/zamazenta crowned avatar and if its a pokemon here i want it and tell me where to find it.

    1. Chamancharizad123


      Zacian Crowned & Zamazenta Crowned avatars are event avatars & not released yet so I suggest we have to wait for event.

      Have a nice day :)

    2. xVx-Oreo
  6. I want to get shadow rider carylex so someone tell me when or why is there not an update for crown  tundara if u have the other part to it 

  7. Someone give me 10 million

    1. cursed_charmander12


      i'm keeping me money to myself

      you can get over 1 million from side quests

      or selling items/pokemon

    2. cursed_charmander12


      i am not starting an argument but i am telling the truth

  8. Guys so ummm i am know running exp training buisness and it will cost 2000=2000 dollars preety simple So if u want 1 million exxp 1 million u have to pay for it
  9. Guys if u have a sylveon,umbreon,espeon,and eevee avatar i will buy one of them for a good price so dm if u have one

  10. When i get 4 dots thingys on forums can i be the umm eevee master or sylveon catcher or something to do with eevee


  11. @Patrick i am sry for pinging u and disturbing u and this may give me a warning but like when is the new update coming out in the game like u dont have to respond i just wanna know and pls dont ban me i just got here last month

    1. Auke1993


      When asking about a new update it may be helpful to mention what you expect to be updated.
      My assumption is things from the Sword/Shield Crown Tundra DLC.
      My guess is it will take at least a week, if not longer than that, before the update occurs.
      That way, Pokémon players that didn't watch any trailers (like me) are able to play the DLC and find everything out by themselves, and not be spoiled with its contents on Vortex.

    2. xVx-Oreo


      thx man or ma'am

  12. shut up and make new account if u keep going he will ban ur ip address from ur computer and cant play the game no more from dat computer

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    2. AtharavaSrivastava


      I was banned by Patrick because of something what my brother did. I have told Patrick about this only two times a d almost everyone in the whole community thinks that I am spamming him alot and disturbing him, although I am not. He hasn't replied yet. xVx-Oreo is telling me make a new account and keep quite, Patrick has told me that I can't make another account as it will be against the ban

    3. AtharavaSrivastava



      You can check this forum and know the whole story

    4. cursed_charmander12
  13. Someone trade me 4 eevee's pls

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