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  1. So far one day has passed and nothing has happened, so it's probably just a scammer that get things by threatening other users. Still, i think something should have been done about it, because someone might fell for it.
  2. Today i got threatened by an user called ASH3112, literally ordering me to hand over my pokemons otherwise i would get hacked by him. I'm an old player, playing since 2014 and this is the first time it have happened, i realy don't wanna lose all the time i've invested in this account. Thanks in advance :)
  3. well, i didn't know about this, and it's kinda sad because i got this primal kyogre by trading a volcanion for him, back and the primals worth a lot....anyway thanks for the answers.
  4. Greetings, After the recently maintenance last week, i logged into my account as usual, went to do some sidequests and then, when i look to my team, my mystic primal kyogre have turned into a female vulpix level 100...I've already tried to battle against someone to see if that was just a bug, but after 3 days, "she" is still there. I've traded to get the primal kyogre and the original owner is marked on the vulpix and has the same amount of exp that my primal kyogre used to have. I've also tried to contact with online adms but i got no answer.
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