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  1. Re-entering Ign- Chaitanya8 hoping to win a necrozma...
  2. Hello again thanks for this giveaway I don't want any specific poke but if u want then u can give me any one of these pokes Shiny Lugia, Shiny Greninja, Shiny Charizard mega y or mystic necrozma I know that these pokes are quite expensive but since it is a giveaway hence I am just asking for the same...
  3. Thanks for the giveaway i would like to win any legend or rare maybe if i get lucky ign- Chaitanya8
  4. Ign - Chaitanya8 Hope to win a mystic or shiny dratinillic
  5. You can catch one at route 9 during day I also caught one there.... Hope it helps......
  6. ign - Chaitanya8 Steelixite or Altarianite
  7. I want that shiny Lugia ign - Chaitanya8
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