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  1. Wuv u 

    1. xVx-Oreo


      `Wuv? u do u mean luv u

    2. silverstar2202


      Tried to be cute lol 

  2. Is there a pkmn location guide

  3. I will give Arceus (water)for a Arceus (fire)

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    2. silverstar2202


      I pressed it lol

    3. red_wolf_


      im not sure Arceus (fire)i available

    4. silverstar2202


      Should be everything else is

  4. I blocked him cause he waited 2 weeks sto give me pokemon that I paid for
  5. I will have to redo my poke DeX I made at home but last I checked last year I had like 605 pokedex finished The pokedex is my idea I need to be able to see how much I have completed instead of making my own vortex Dex and I'm sure everyone else would too
  6. I'm so mad I could spit fire

  7. This is an official announcement : please quit begging for pokemon from me you need to play the game like the rest of us quit begging I get so much mail from beggars it's pathetic 

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    2. silverstar2202


      For the galar dog


    3. silverstar2202
    4. silverstar2202


      It's up but I'll have to find me another palkia


  8. @Patrick can you please close this thread please and thank you
  9. Welcome to the page for the ace of spades if you would like to join here's what you need to know -> °you must be active you must do min 5 clan battles ° most importantly have fun no arguing
  10. Am I aloud to talk football if so who's ready for osu v indiana

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    2. silverstar2202


      Isn't rugby football or soccer

    3. Regitwo


      In the uk it’s called football in the USA it is called soccer

    4. silverstar2202


      Yeah ok I get it now

  11. Everyone has until noon ohio time to post on silvers contest

    1. Regitwo


      Regitwo and my favourite is mewtwo

  12. zapstar and my fav pokemon is kyogre


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