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  1. HELLOOO @Patrick happy Thanksgiving hope your having a great day 

  2. What's your favorite dish on thanksgiving

  3. Attention pokemon world HAPPY THANKSGIVING

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    2. silverstar2202


      How do people celebrate haunika or how ever it's spelled

    3. Regitwo


      I don’t even know what that is

    4. silverstar2202
  4. I do understand why they banned you and they can do it here too if you dont quit cussing
  5. I would love to see a counter for how many pokedex you have completed and maybe not completed such as it says 605/? Completed and maybe for each 100 DeX completed you get a ribbon but if you incomplete it you lose said ribbon.
  6. Because your a botter in game and you dont know how to head warnings from the staff when they give you a strike you change your tune with the chat room or Patrick's old ban hammer becomes alive again
  7. Hi I am one of spongies many friends from another site (well of course we are friends here too but we met on a different site)and you seem like a nice person so I was wondering if you wanted to be friends?

  8. Helllloooooo

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    2. silverstar2202


      That's good do you need anything from my trade pages?

    3. Lillyzard


      no i don't. do you need anything?

    4. silverstar2202


      I need a few things but I'm hunting stuff on maps if you see anyone who needs anything tell them to bid please

  9. Ladies and gents I have found a better name collective has won the lottery  the past 23 times in a row has a total of 619m but hardly no exp weird eh

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