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  1. My explore page hasn't been working for the past two or three days. Whenever I click explore my character and all others on the same part of the live map will briefly appear, but soon it all goes black for a little while. Whenever I let it sit it will finally load up, but it is super slow and it says I'm running around 1.3 fps. I can play other games just fine, and I can use all other features of the game (trade block, pokEbay, battle, etc.). Please help!
  2. Yes, but my network isn't messing up or anything. Like I said, I can do trade block, pokEbay, etc., and every other game is working. I will post this in Bugs and errors though. Thanks
  3. Hello, I have a normal and a metallic Darkrown if you'd like them
  4. Yes, I have tried using Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, but nothing is working. I can play any other games I want with no problem at all though, so it isn't my internet. I don't know what to do.
  5. Hello everyone, I don't know how to fix this problem. Everytime that I try to go explore the live map it takes really long time for it to load and then I can't move or anything and it says I am running around 1.3 fps, but any other game works fine. Please help )';
  6. I can trade you an oshawott and an evolved scorbunny (the scorbunny is only evolved once but I could fully evolve it if you'd like), and I have a greninja.
  7. How Many Experience Do You Accept !!!

    serious GIF

    Can you Accept 1 Million Experience !!!

  8. I will accept your offer Put it up for trade and I will offer all of these pokemon
  9. All of my shinies are up for trade or sale. Let me know if there is one you want/need! Absol Centiskorch Cleffa Dodrio Electrike Houndour Magmortar Mareep Rhyperior Tauros Turtonator Unown(T) Ursaring Yanmega
  10. I have a lvl. 100 Lugia if you'd like to trade for it kind sir.
  11. I'd really like that Solgaleo! What about a Shiny Centiskorch, Shiny Rhyperior, and a Registeel for that? All level 100?
  12. Hello everyone, I'm willing to train your pokemon to whatever level you'd desire in exchange for something. Whether it be a pokemon or pd, you can decide
  13. I'll trade you mega venusaur lvl 100, rhyperior lvl 100, reshiram lvl 100, and a moltres( metallic, dark, or original, your choice) for the mega scizor :)
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