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  1. I will trade you a Floette (Eternal) and a Morpeko (Hangry) for the Shiny Type-Null
  2. Could you train my Shiny Cleffa and my Shiny Togepi. I'll pay 650k?
  3. For my Metallic Darkrown and Shadow Uxie, could you do Shiny Florges (Red), Shiny Florges (Yellow), Shiny Florges (Orange), Shiny Floette (Orange), Shiny Floette (Yellow), Shiny Scolipede, Shiny Seismetoad, Shiny Togepi, Shiny Salazzle, and Shiny Slowking? I'm offering the two, but only asking for 10 instead of 16.
  4. What would you give me for my Metallic Darkrown?
  5. I offered a Floette (Eternal). Didn't really need it anyways, and would really enjoy the Shiny Oshawott
  6. I want ALL COLORS of Shiny Flabebe, Shiny Floette (including eternal), and Shiny Florges. I realize that a Shiny Floette (Eternal) would be pretty hard to get, so as long as there were just all colors of Shiny Flabebe, Shiny Floette , and Shiny Florges it would be okay. I do want all colors of all three to complete the set though, I have already had 3 different people try to give me only 4 shiny flabebes for both Xerneas.
  7. Sounds good, just let me know when you have them all. First one to get it done will get the pokemon, but remember, I want ALL COLORS of Shiny Flabebe, Shiny Floette (including eternal), and Shiny Florges
  8. Okay, if you can collect all of them Shiny Flabebe (all colors), Shiny Floette (all colors + eternal), and Shiny Florges (all colors), I will give you Xerneas (Neutral), Xerneas (Active), and 3 Non-Shiny Legends that I have of your choice. I would very much so appreciate this.
  9. When is wondertrade making a return? I really like the idea but I joined the game a little too late to experience it.
  10. I will trade a Xerneas (Neutral) or a Xerneas (Active) to anyone who could trade me a full set of Shiny Flabebe, Shiny Floette, and Shiny Florges of every color. If that trade goes through I will offer 2 normal legends as well. Ign: jacobknight911 :)
  11. I am looking for shiny deerling and sawsbuck of all variants (winter, spring, summer, and autumn for both pokemon), and I am looking for shiny legendaries, ultra beasts, and events. Ign: jacobknight911 Check what I have and if it's a duplicate shiny, I'll probable trade it and everything else i will trade.
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