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  1. Hi everyone,


    So as you know i have not really replied to anyone or anything the past months and thats because i quit the game and started playing Minecraft bedwars, Skyblock and all those minigames and started playing Roblox games like arsenal and energy assult.


    So if you wanna send me something or be friends in Roblox my discord is The Be right Back Kid From Class#9861 and my Roblox ix Agaming1113



    1. Aplays11
    2. Aplays11


      I few are   Lucario (mega)Metagross (mega)food

      While a few are Klinkbad but there are more bad ones

    3. Afcacther


      Melmetal (Gigantamax)what melmetal have to say

  3. I now following you for the gidt thanks for it
  4. @SobblePlayzThanks for the pic i love it do u have discord?

  5. I see a lot of people have cool custom profile pics. Can some person make me one with greninja and inteleon please?

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    2. Afcacther
    3. red_wolf_


      i think i can edit it

    4. Aplays11


      Please do but work was done

      u can go to the link 

  6. It depends if you have a mega stone for one evolution but i vote gallade
  7. I want but it basic my offer just see my pokemons
  8. I like beyblade and me fav is glide

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    2. Aplays11


      cool man we shoould be friends

    3. SobblePlayz



      I am friends with red_wolf_


    4. SobblePlayz


      Ok I friend requested u

  9. Something happened and i am banned from pokemon vortex.com

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    2. Auke1993


      Assuming the account Aplays11 on Vortex is yours, it doesn't look to be banned.

    3. Aplays11


      it used to but thanks

    4. Aplays11


      for a few mins 

  10. Guess what guys i just got a Mystic mewtwoand a Mystic Mudkip!!!!! IN the fungal cavern!!!

  11. Ign:aplays11 and @Rustyison @Afcacther got a type null jus because you are a gladion fan (I kind of am
  12. I hope everything will be better and @red_wolf_ Said that you are a beyblade fan assuming your fav is shu
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