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  1. There used to be a bunch of Galar Fossil pokemon, but now when i check the pokedex there's a lot missing. I mean i know there was at least 2 Shiny Dracovish, but now it says there's only 1. Did someone release it? EDIT: Sorry i just realized i posted this in the wrong section
  2. once in a while you get a critical hit, which does 150% damage, maybe it's that. But i'm not sure
  3. There are also some keys that trigger the battle to happen i think Spacebar is one of them. Maybe you're pressing something without intending to
  4. So if you did another battle it does more damage? Can you take a screenshot of that? Otherwise you just might have done 2 battles and was thinking you only did 1
  5. your friend is not "the community"
  6. you're not making much sense tbh. If the community knows you by this name (never heard of you) why would you want to change it?
  7. Well so you made an account with a name you didn't really want. You kept playing under that name, not knowing you would be able to change it. So you either live with it and stop complaining or you start over
  8. Make new account, use a proper IGN and transfer pokemon. Easy
  9. Maybe ask @V7xyz it seems he wants to search for those shinies cheaper
  10. Sorry mate you don't have a very good reputation, so i decline
  11. Most event pokemon are in MBs, so can still be obtained for OT collection. Only the holliday event pokemon are more difficult
  12. So you're basicly asking for from pokemon. You can correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't see any appeal in this
  13. What do you think the bug is here?
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