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  1. i like ur eevee thats good but i am eevee king

  2. So I blocked my friend because they wouldn't stop chatting and i unblocked them. Then I couldn't chat with them, so then we unfriended each other then friended each other to see if it would work. It didn't work. It still said I blocked them and we tried doing something else each month(we tried to find other ways for about 3 months) and nothing worked. So can someone please help me?
  3. Has anyone caught Zamazenta?My brother keeps saying that he's the first one to ever catch it in pokemon vortex and i'm just wondering if it's true or not.Zamazenta

  4. So i beat all of the gyms except 1 galar gym. I dont know which one or where it is, i've been to all of the places where the gyms are. i need imformation

    1. AtharavaSrivastava


      You can message me ingame 

      IGN - ATHARAVA2306


      I will guide you.

    2. strayaZilas




      Here's a list of them with the town names they're located in, and an image of the badge.

    3. doggilily
  5. So i searched up if you can still get deoxys386 and when i looked around i found no information about if you can still get deoxys... Can you still get those pokemon?

    1. Auke1993


      Standard Deoxys can be found in the wild.

    2. doggilily


      Oh Thank you so much!! ♥

  6. Where do you get zygarde core? i've been trying to find one.

    1. ups


      Zygarde (core) is an event pokemon. You can't find it on the maps

      However, you can try getting one from auctions

    2. doggilily
  7. ok so i got an avatar from the daily rewards but i cant find it and it said that I won this on daily login prize on another account. To be sure you get something yourself, avoid using public internet connections or moblie networks. what does that mean? i dont use public internet connections and i dont use moblie networks. and i really like the profile it showed me but i cant use it :( (if ur wondering which one its the profile picture i have on this website)

    1. doggilily


      if you know why please tell me i really want it 

    2. doggilily


      So i think i know what the problem is.... My brother got this profile from the daily login first. and me and my brother use the same internet and when i tried to get the profile on both of my accounts it wouldn't work because my brother already got it.

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