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  1. I am going to trade my or pokedollars/pokemon Level 66 Level 37
  2. can you please look on my profile and tell me what you want? All are free except for
  3. Hi Master_Ball99 friend me pls

  4. If you want i can edit the prices, is that ok?
  5. First of all i want to thank eeveecuteness for the inspiration, second i am interested in pokedollars not pokemon trading. Here is the shop: Level 22 pokedollars: 25,000 Level 15 pokedollars: 10,000 Level 37 pokedollars: 30,000 Level 18 pokedollars: 15,000
  6. I am looking to trade my If you are wondering what level it is it's level 70. The rest of my pokemon i am not trading unless i decide to.
  7. sup

    1. Master_Ball99


      hello sorry i left yesterday and didn't come back. do you still want me to train?

    2. PokemonZayden
    3. Master_Ball99
  8. Hi can u train a mon for me how fast and whats your rates

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    2. Master_Ball99
    3. PokemonZayden


      1 hour for 7k? really? i can get that in like 3 minutes

    4. kalipo


      I do Exp training like 200k an hour


  9. Hello can i train for you? I am online almost all day.
  10. i only have 27,935 pokedollars can i give you a pokemon for the exp training? Try looking at my pokemon and please tell me what you want.
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