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  1. depends really on what unique @PokemasterSaku
  2. Normal necrozma? That would be about 3 mil or 4 mil
  3. could you please move this to your own private channel? AS this is my hunting channel y'know
  4. I got one a couple days ago. Does 100k for it sound good?
  5. Dragonite cannot be in the wild, so i cant hunt it. Anything else?
  6. and also check the edit above. That will be the rule on prioritizing my hunting. you can raise the price you give me but not lower it.
  7. I could possibly hunt for you first if PokemasterSaku is okay with that
  8. depends on how rare. I can put you on the waiting list for the hunting, but I can only hunt for you once i find a dark type null. What ub?
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