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  1. it happend again when i tried to catch a shiny stonjourner, i clicked battle then picked groudon then continue then it said i won. this needs to be fixed
  2. I was in scorched sanctum looking for a moltres and i finally found one, so i went to battle it with my metallic groudon and it said i won and i never even saw the option to attack or use a item i never even saw the moltres except for when i found it, this doesn't happen very often but it still happens and its really annoying to lose a Pokemon like that.
  3. I am in route 1 looking for a Type-null and a arceus and it is day time and i have been looking for Type-null for 2 hours and i cant find it, so i battled a Pokemon and it said its origin was Kanto and Type-null is found in Alola but it also says it can be found in route one. if any of that makes sense please tell me if it matters what part of route one i am in.
  4. I was wondering how you get a Fioette (eternal), I recently got one from a friend for free and i have no idea what its worth or how it is obtained.
  5. Wanna trade i have a Metallic groudon Groudon

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      Umm I guess, what do u want???

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