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  1. Yeah right exactly that is what I meant. I wasn't suggesting this to replace the existing Lottery system, I just thought it could perhaps be a good alternative like a 2nd lower prize tier lottery. What you mentioned is exactly what I meant, because everyone would only be able to buy 1 ticket each it means everyone would have the same chance of winning regarldess of how much money they have, I don't know I just thought of it as a suggestion but it would then mean there would be 2 lottery systems.
  2. What would be a better idea is to create a separate lottery where users can only purchase 1 ticket each because it is very difficult to win the big prizes. I once spent 7 million and got 350k back lol
  3. That doesn't work if the user wants to know whether they have a trade on their pokemon and how many trades there are, if a user leaves 5x bad trades forever and if the user who made the offer doesn't take down their trade it makes it very difficult to track whether we have offers on our pokemon that are up for trade. Blocking users from trading may not be necessary to you but it is something that would be appreciated by a lot of users because we get constant multiple trades and as I have mentioned in my initial post, it can become tedious having to check and decline repeat bad trad
  4. We have the option to block users from receiving their messages, but it would also be a good option if possible to also block a user from offering a trade on the pokemon we have listed because sometimes the same user offers the same trade over and over again even though their offer always gets declined and them also being on my block list because they then also send me messages swearing at me because I declined their trade. I think it would be a cool option to also have the option to block people from offering a trade on our pokemon.
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