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  1. On the wiki, it is not mentioned about the percentage of rarity of the tiers of mystery boxes, though it is implied that the middle tier rewards are more rarer than low tier ones, and top tier ones are even more rarer than middle tier ones. Though I found this useful page that might help you https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Mystery_Boxes
  2. So, after a bit of grinding, I have managed to have a spot on the top 100 leaderboard of Seasonal Top Trainers, however, I didn't get any VC coins yet. Can someone please explain the intervals when the top trainers are given VC coins? Also, just a minor question, are these seasonal changes temporary or permanent? (Also, just in case you are wondering, I can't exactly share the proof as I don't exactly know how to upload images, though you can view my In-Game Profile to see it.) (Edit: Also, last month, during the May season, I noticed that a lot of people were getting Shadow avatars before the season was over, so how were they even getting them? Through promo codes? Due to a bug? I don't know.....)
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