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  1. Hello, Is there a way where I can access to the server without a phone verification? About two years ago my old discord account was verified with my number and sadly that certain discord account has been terminated because "I broke TOS" (I basically said "I'LL LEAK MY OWN ADDRESS IF I FELT LIKE IT!" As a joke and I got banned for it) I'm not trying to be the special one where I say "pls verify me cuz i dont have a number to verify with" But I would kinda appreciate it if a staff could assist me further and help me with this. I need to know certain values of my pokemon and that's ab
  2. Trading this guy, I forgot how much they are worth. Currently looking for offers for it so drop your offer or message me on vortex If you are looking to contact me on discord, (Corb#0156) (UNABLE TO VERIFY MY PHONE NUMBER TO THE VORTEX DISCORD BECAUSE MY OLD DISCORD ACCOUNT THAT WAS CONNECTED WITH MY PHONE NUMBER WAS TERMINATED TWO YEARS AGO!)
  3. If you still have that shiny absol, ill give you a legendary for it. Disc: Corb 0156
  4. Hello there I am currently looking for a certain pokemon (either one works) a shiny kabuto/kabutops. I am willing to give a good overpay for it , I need one because my friend recently joined this game and their favorite pokemon is kabutops, I thought it would be nice to get my hands on one and give it to my pal. If anyone is looking forward to make a deal with me, message me on my account known as "Nemel" or reach me through discord Corb#0156 Every pokemon I have is currently for trade besides my absols, my goal is to hit about over 1,000 absols by the end of 2020! P
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