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  1. He sold those pokes to another person https://paste.pics/a3798db1f13387b27572b6eaf58b5d2f https://paste.pics/C3HX3. I dmmed flay about this
  2. Yeah no one knows that account password except he and me I gave him password on 31 night for doing clan battles When I woke up Necrozmas were not there I thought the pokes are in box of that account Later when I want to trade them back to big account I found they were scammed
  3. Hello everyone my main ig is abhiramv My alternate account is abhiramv2 I trusted one person ig ursawarrior3825 But he cheated me and took all my 5 Necrozma and one metallic Necrozma of my ot abhiramv That Necrozmas even have experience And I have screenshot of every Necrozma I had Currently they are in nammakam01 trades which were offered to a shiny Pikachu jedi
  4. It's an excellent idea It really help while doing exp training on a single poke We can save more time Saved team feature also should come soon
  5. Manectrik mega if it's not there then Obstagoon galarian Ig abhiramv
  6. I will catch and keep screenshot In that screenshot only you can see time Ig abhiramv
  7. I need dark moltress and dark reshiram Say your offer in pds
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