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  1. I will catch and keep screenshot In that screenshot only you can see time Ig abhiramv
  2. I need dark moltress and dark reshiram Say your offer in pds
  3. @iweimax0524 @red_wolf_if anyone has a promo code. Pls. Message me my id is. Abhiramv
  4. Any one has meltan candy promo code
  5. @Babby246 I have shiny dratinilic bro Need pds
  6. @Babby246 bro I have shiny dratinilic 


    My ig is abhiramv

    1. Babby246


      Bro only willing trade it cause I don’t have much pds

      we can trade if u want 

    2. Babby246


      Hey bro r u willing to trade it pls

  7. Abhiramv

    Universal Trades

    Sorry bro looking for pds only
  8. Abhiramv

    Universal Trades

    Can you give pds please Or any other pokemon
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