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  1. I need shiny mewtwo fairy. I can give u all my events and legends. My ign:wolfboy007. Pls accept this offer
  2. Hi guys. I have been thinking about a giveaway and i thought this would be the right time. Put ur ign below to enter the giveaway. (And the prize is a secret. Ill anounce it at last only.)
  3. Bro i have deoxys (defence and speed), and zygarde core for trade. Can i get nihilego
  4. I need shadow silvally. I can give mettalic rayquaza mega My ign:wolfboy007
  5. i dont know if its still open(its probably the hundreth time im saying this) if yes count me in ing:wolfboy007
  6. Bro i have a solgaleo My ign:wolfboy007
  7. ing:wolfboy007 im also thinking of starting a giveaway.but i dont have enough pokemons
  8. Bro i have deoxys defence and speed Looking for ub. My ign:wolfboy007
  9. Bro can i have pikachu phd. I can give u mistic arceus. My ign wolfboy007
  10. Ign:wolfboy007 Hope to win ub
  11. Bro can i have promo for zygarde complete. If promo isnt available, the event claimed will also do. Look at my pokemons and tell what u want My ign:wolfboy007
  12. Im looking for zygarde partial and complete.If u have any of those, look at my pokemon and tell what you want(not giving any events) My ign:wolfboy007
  13. bro i have shadow jirachi.if interested pls offer anything my ign:wolfboy007
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