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  1. Bro u have nothing of my interested. Sorry. And if there is anything, it will be overpriced
  2. And im trading my also The regirock is shiny(i told this cause i was confused first when i caught it)
  3. Does anyone want these pokemons, xause im trading or selling em: ,,, and . My ign:wolfboy007
  4. Bro im not interested inthose pokemons. And can someone tell me how much is worth?
  5. What do u want for groudon primal. Look at my pokemons and tell what u want. My ign:wolfboy007
  6. Trading or selling my . My ign:wolfboy007
  7. Ign:wolfboy007. And can someone tell me what is W. I. B
  8. Bro r u trading ur kyogre primal. If yes, look at my pokemons and telk what u want. My ign:wolfboy007
  9. Ill wait for other offers and then tell if i decided
  10. And i dont want nihilego, kartana or xurkitree
  11. I am giving my account to whoever gives me a unique ub(exept mistic). The account im selling is WOLFboy007 (Im not giving the mettalic caterpie christmas as it is not mine)
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