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  1. You see? Once again, your pulling shotguns on my psyc, even Patrick heart likes your comment. 2 people vs one, once again. Of course i'm not apologizing for something that i have not done. I'm not apologizing for saying ( F yes, in ocations where i got happy ) I'd love to see proof of me SWEARING or being OFFENSIVE to other people. Cause i havn't. From my perspective your the one being narci to me, using your (Admin powers) to punish me for something so small, especially when i did not do anything to anyone personally. And yes, i said (Rigged with capitals, after that i woke up to be
  2. An apologi??? Where is my apologi by then? Also saying (RIGGED IN CAPS) should not be a ban-reason AT all. How come STAFF members in this Example (Sphex) alot of other people like Vul, Undecided and a few more people, how are they allowed to go full psycial ham on other people? I have had fights against 3-5 people all at once, where they keep hitting on me phsycological, how is that even allowed??
  3. Saying "**** in happiness" Or **** yes, or stuff like that.. Jeez. How is that not being sensetive? I could understand it if i were treatening someone, or going full ham with offensive words, but i am not.
  4. I have absolutely no idea what your talking about. If you don't know what this is about, please just be quiet, thanks.
  5. Why IN THE WORLD... Am i banned from Discord?? I have had a few strikes for swearing, allthough i did NOT swear at ANYONE. All i ever did was saying (**** YES) As in happiness, or stuff like that. The ban reason is that i said ( OMG this sht is RIGGED.. 140 Mboxes and only 1 top ) How is that ban reason? False ban much? Staff abuse much? What is going on. I donated over 1000 USD to this game. Unban asap???
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