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  1. the 6 winners of 600,000 pokedollars are: doggosfordays,Alone., Lillyzard, Silverstar2202,Shadow_Lord119, red_wolf_ list a potion and i will pay 600,000 pokedollars for it Also the winner of a free landorus therain is kalipo. I will put the landorus up for trades and kalipo you may offer whatever you want on it. thank you for making my time in this game great!
  2. The winners of 600,000 pokedollars of my giveaway are: doggosfordays, Lillyzard, Shadow_Lord119, silverstar2202,Alone., and red_wolf_


    also the winner of a Landorus(therain) is kalipo.


    but up a potion if you one and i will give you the money

    for the landorus i will put up for trade for kalipo.



  3. i will announce the winners of the giveaway on here later
  4. If you friend me in vortex you have a better chance to win the money
  5. im still going to check in to vortex every once and a will though
  6. Thank you all for your support cant wait for the giveaway
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