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  1. ign DarkRagePlayzYT number - 3 letter - j
  2. i want genesect and 1 advice to you guys i have owned a mewtwo evo and it is worse than mew
  3. not only 1 promo left any promo will work
  4. ign- DarkRagePlayzYT hopefully i win a promocode
  5. i want a master ball promo to catch legendary lol or or
  6. when i click explore soon my fps does not rise and my fps stays at 6.00 not increasing nor decreasing help
  7. umm how do you make your pokemons go above level 100???
    https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/battle-league/Pyramid King Brandon
    see that and pleaase tell how

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    2. DarkRagePlayzYT


      oh i found a kyogre but i accidentliy left it will it come aagain

    3. red_wolf_


      i can respawn so don't worry

    4. DarkRagePlayzYT
  8. i want a kyogre or arceus (fighting) or necrozma or palkiaor latios please i will give sun stone please i am poor

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    2. DarkRagePlayzYT


      and kalipo it is ok


    3. Dark-Entei


      u can claimonly in one acc if not recieve then report error

    4. DarkRagePlayzYT
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