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  1. Hello everyone, I am back on PV!


    I also want that Hoopa so does anyone have a spare Hoopa? Look through my mons and tell me what you want.


    Hoopashiny hoopametallic hoopadark hoopamystic hoopashadow hoopa

  2. I only have mega y with 100k+ exp and im not giving out
  3. yo new giveaway

    i really need someone to take my talonflame


  4. Giveaway (weekly) Every week on Thursday I will be giving out a Pokemon! I will be on sometime between 7:00am and 4:00pm EST Event Named: Inferno-Wheel For the release of Pokemon Unite (fedex colors lol)
  5. I'm opening my shop back up


    1. eeveecuteness
    2. eeveecuteness


      no limited pokemon....

  6. I want :BeastBall:/:VortexBall: to catch Shiny POIpolebut i'm too poor lol I only have pmoney.gif2,249,309 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. That1Dragonarian
    3. PenguinizedYT


      i don't like going under 2mil pds for some reason and the cheapest is a beast ball for 600,000 (pokebay)

    4. That1Dragonarian


      i still don't have enough right now, i'm also upset because i found a kartana while trying to find a shiny rayquaza :(

  7. Yes, click on your name at the top right and go to account settings then, it should show your email and there's a gray Change button. Then you type in the new email address I think. It may not be that simple because I have not tried this yet. If that doesn't work then idk lol.
  8. There should be a "Insert image from URL" button on the bottom right, and you should know how to screenshot. If you need to know how to find a URL of an image I know how to so I could help you with that if you need.
  9. I'm quitting forums

    i'll come back sometime but for now i need a break

    1. red_wolf_


      Cya penguin

    2. Pokechampionpikachu


      Ok. Hope u will come back soon.

    3. PenguinizedYT


      I don't mean i'm never coming back I just mean I'm not gonna be on that often

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