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  1. You can trade with pds or just Pokemon Common (Normal Variant): (level 50)<- lvl 100 Legends and Mythicals: Shinies: TOO MUCH! Check my acc, ign: PenguinizedYT UBs: None currently Starters: What I want: [u don't have to give me these but these are just NANI (what) i want the most]
  2. I want Pink Fire Rubber Chicken (aka ) I can give or/and and maybe
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDi2Ui9z3Yw

    should i upload more p.v vids?


    subscribe maybe?


    now don't click this link above the text


    1. HyperPanther



    2. PenguinizedYT


      well i told ya not to click it -_-

  4. If you want to report a scammer then you should upload it in the "Report Scammers" forum. It shows up when you click/tap "Pokemon Vortex Central" Not saying you have to but this is not solely about trading so you shouldn't put it here. The likelyhood of people seeing it is higher when you upload it to Trade but yeah...
  5. How do you get certain avatars? The list of avatars on the wiki helps with this but it was last updated on April 20th this year so some of this stuff might be out of date. For example, I want Darkrown Avatar, Snorlax Avatar, and Mega Snorlax Avatar and Mega Arbok Avatar But the requirements seem out-dated because I haven't gotten them yet. (well, only darkrown but...) If anyone knows how to get them without Mystery Boxes please help me out.
  6. Enter my giveaway before it's too late!

    It's a Darkrown this week!

  7. I made a new event pokemon.

    It's Necrozma (Popcorn)

    It's just Necrozma with popcorn.. 

    Here's it's shiny!


    hope you liked my representation of necrozma (popcorn)

  8. Looking for the following items:

    :VortexBall: | :BeastBall: | :MysteryBox: | Arceus (Fairy):PromoCode: | :RedOrb:/:BlueOrb:

    1. jeffpig


      whats the promo code


    2. PenguinizedYT


      The promo i want is an arceus (fairy)

    3. jeffpig
  9. cuz u say ur selling all avatars can i have darkrown avatar? if the price is under 100K im good
  10. dude stop just making useless posts if you don't want fully t-rubbishes

    i don't wanna be rude but just you need to stop

  11. @PenguinizedYT bro you still have that Shiny Zamazenta and Shadow Zamazenta?

    1. PenguinizedYT


      yeah, why? (also i am in est time and you posted this when I was asleep lol)

    2. tazzer


      I have Morpeko (Hangry) Promo Code if you want it I am open for trade with your Shiny Zamazenta or Shadow Zamazenta. @PenguinizedYT

    3. PenguinizedYT


      sorry but I don't want to trade them anymore

  12. Does anyone have a spare lucarionite that I could have? It could be a :PromoCode: or the just regular item. I really want Dark Lucario (Mega)soo...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. PenguinizedYT


      ok so i don't have to give you anything? or did I read that wrong?

    3. red_wolf_


      nope its free of charge

    4. PenguinizedYT
  13. When i'm winning in reputation points for the day:evilshinx.thumb.png.2ca9833c1f77fa512e05 Hahaha! You're not winning! I am!

    When i'm not winning in reputation points for the day: unimpressedshinx.thumb.png.2b156d328f52a Well... who cares...


    1. PenguinizedYT


      why the hell did it get rid of my images?

      hmmm :chat:

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