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  1. how many exp does shiny rayquaza mega have????????????????
  2. U r scammer u tried to scam recperoburst 

    u asked hoopa unbound or arceas fairy for richu alola 

    u r  a scammer not him 

    I saw ur hole conversation recperoburst showed me


    1. onetwothree


      no i didnt

    2. onetwothree


      i said i am looking for it not can i get it from him, i ignored him

  3. i cant screenshot dont know how but this guy said i was a scammer. he said inappropiate words. i dont tell lies please help his ign: recperoburst. here: yesterday i got 4 dratinice,darkrwon,kangaskhanite,pidgeotie,type null,eternatus,landrous,mega beedril,articuno and a shiny gengar darkrown today i am gonna get two event pokemon and raichu alolan form a gengartite i am ahead of you so dont get in my way get lost
  4. @Ajitno.1are u serious, @Babby246is right, givaway means you have to give ultra beast to us, look: give + away = giveaway
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