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  1. bro can you train my shiny eevee to 3 hearts it has one my ign is krish54
  2. bro i want avatar what do you want for it and yes my name in Krish54
  3. please accept my friend request @frostfire81
  4. bro if you buy it will you trade with me
  5. bro you dont have shiny giritina origin and if you give me shiny zerora i will give you ,and
  6. ok can i give for it
  7. i can give you and for it my ign Krish54
  8. but to evolve meltan you need 400 candies and one candy price is 500,000
  9. hi guys i am tradinig my for my ign-Krish54
  10. hi my account has been hacked by a player named Rv2156 he took my 2nd my all and my my and my many more pokemon please help this is the proof https://paste.pics/51ed080c81c4df828923121cdb056b5d
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