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  1. Someone give showdown username

  2. He’s back……………………………..

  3. Hey i subbed on planet Minecraft 

  4. Anyone want to showdown?

  5. Anyone know what reds fav pokemon is?

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    2. foodviro2.0


      Wait wut

    3. red_wolf_


      What? Whats wrong with that

    4. Rustyison


      What’s you fav non legend?

  6. Everyone 


    I will be leaving vortex as of may 26 


    so i will try to get on as much as possibly 

  7. Hey how do you get the special rank like yours??


    1. foodviro2.0


      Go to edit profile and then type what you want

    2. Rustyison


      Ok thanks

    3. foodviro2.0
  8. So have @Auke1993 and @Dark-Entei battled yet???
  9. Ok that’s find take you time
  10. Can you train my riolu to 3 hearts but not evolve it??
  11. Who will i battle @Dark-Entei or @Auke1993 we shall see
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