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  1. Meltan is not an ultra beast so you can't count it as one , BTW I NEED THE See ign hardieboi
  2. you want the ludicolo or not??

  3. Add a mon on trade , I will give it and you start training
  4. pls train my to 1 million exp , it's already got 600k+ exp it only needs around 350k+ exp into it I will pay you 700k pds as per your system of 1 exp =2 pds
  5. Hi would you pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls give the charizard back
    I just saw ur not  my follower

    if u still want to keep the charizard than follow me now

    @Hardieboi i am so saaaaddddddddddd

    Just reply

    1. Hardieboi


      I have followed you already after I saw that the trade offer was accepted,  I saw that I hadn't followed you so I did it

    2. Cha_Fey_S


      yeah so sorry that I have been so rude please forgive me??

    3. Hardieboi


      No actually that ain't being rude it's sticking to the rules actually

  6. I am more likely to go with theas it is my favorite starter along with (I like the latter more)
  7. Ok deal final with mystic dratini , is that okay
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