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  1. there is a person who is nonstop spamming my notification area with sending the t-rubbish reaction , how do I block them
  2. I can

    1. Hardieboi


      Mean , do you even know what is written in Japanese over there in you pfp of lugia and ho oh

    2. QUANTUM__SeaSoNals


      LoL he just likes his cover photo. He doesn't know the meaning of the japanese words

  3. The new Google Olympics game , it has addicted me,, I don't want to get addicted to it anymore, what should I do??

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    2. HyperPanther


      UH OH... ME TOO

    3. red_wolf_


      Plot twist its a trailer for a new anime

    4. eeveecuteness


      Oh knew it

  4. I shall recommend to teach piche of a fighting type move so that it can go thru those rock and steel types hyper beam can't spam thru,and think something about ghost types too,that's why I can say what auke1993 said
  5. I think he means 1m exp= 3m-4m pds
  6. Me on necrozma based events as I saw one such event I guess when the event calendar existed , if not then me too on marshadow,crowned forms, urshifu, or captured and steeds and forms
  7. I want all you megas (even though that's just only and ) Will trade different for each check my ign hardieboi
  8. Pls go for community trade thread for single poke trades like this
  9. Lfi can give almost anything from ign Hardieboi
  10. It is currently closed because you would make a forum and add add profile pics, it's just this much in use, I guess that's why.
  11. Hello virus

    1. Mr_VIRUS


      hello who are you 


    2. Hardieboi


      I am Hardieboi from Pokemon vortex , add me as a friend and we can know each other better

  12. Ik u won't say this until you don't know that people want to complete their pokedex , this suggestion won't help in it , so I will be against this rule whatever happens , I will stand against this or maybe even host a poll for this . Yeah we can make it like only one gmax per variant per Pokemon like this we can only collect 6 gmax of each but only in each variant
  13. I finally grinded my way into alola a few weeks ago , though I saw this today only . I will upload the screenshot in here as soon as possible , here are they https://ibb.co/drPWcfL So if this is a bug please fix it
  14. I think we should try the [Quote] hi[Quote]
  15. I can add images Hyper poster is highest rank
  16. Ign Hardieboi in for zapdos
  17. What about alola mons
  18. Yeaaaaaaaa Shadow Xerneas (neutral)i finally got neutral shadow 

  19. I have done , even don't need the money back , just add me as a friend and take it back some time after auction ends
  20. I got a dialga but I was so raged by that time I defeated it and rage quitted
  21. Is your profile of bonnie with her dedenne ?

    1. Hardieboi


      I mean the pic

    2. Auke1993


      That is correct.
      It's art of Bonnie as a teenager.

    3. Hardieboi
  22. Actually it is route 3 and route 9 , someone must done that to trouble others
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