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  1. Hi guys, ive been playing this game for about 6 months, but until now, it still seems kinda boring, so i will probably just quit this game i also already acllompished what i really want.

    so, thanks for everybody who ever helped me in this game, i hope everybody can achieve theyre goals and everything they need, goodbye

    Good Bye GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

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    2. silverstar2202


      Will miss you can we have something to remember you by

    3. RTTavi


      dang bro i just met you but thanks for helping me out with that larvitar bye bye

    4. Gr1ndur1ne


      bye even if u dint trde ur kubfu 

  2. i want shiny decidueye
  3. can u make an offer maybe, i have some school work to do and im kinda busy
  4. i dont really want leggies though, is it ok for like an event or somethin? n i mistype before, i meant shiny dratinice
  5. iu have shiny and mystic rayquaza, but both are mega, i also have shiny dratinilic
  6. hello, imma post the winners here, so congratulations to: @shoomania gets @squirt1 gets @Cha_Fey_S gets pls collect in 12 hours, i already put on trade
  7. ign SAMUEL.D.S i hope get shiny zoroark
  8. how bout melloeta shiny mega blaziken zygarde complete metallic zubatween nd necrozma
  9. ohh, nice, are u trading it?
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