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  1. i have mega shiny rayquaza, but thats actually usually sold for 4m more, and your only offering stuff worth 1m in total
  2. yeah, well i already know that
  3. ok, ill give it tomorow is that ok, its already pretty late in my place
  4. dont think so, even if he did get banned, he was still fourth, so yeah
  5. ok, ill send u friend request from my other acc hellloooooo
  6. for the rest of the month, i probably wont be really active in my normal acc, but i will be in my other acc, ign: hellloooooo 

  7. Yes, i just started searching for barbaracle (grievous) for 15 minutes, and i already got it

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    2. SofiX


      ....I did not get it......now I am jealous of everyone as fu**

    3. veerkv


      i got it! and @SofiX plz dont swear

    4. SAMUEL.D.S


      ok, nice, and @SofiX, you dont need to be jealous, you can just buy it in pokebay

  8. OK, do you have any lvl 6 immunes??? if you have some, i might trade it for the darkrai (not event btw)
  9. need, shiny lugia, you can check my pokes
  10. um, maybe 6-7? but it depends tough, i dont really want normal legends but if its my favourite leggies, then ill accept it
  11. im looking for lvl 6 immunes only, i will either trade or buy them
  12. not all tough, u need a good offer my dupes are 1 dark riolu 1 normal and 1 metallic eevee and for munchlax, i have a spare metallic munchlax
  13. then a no need, ill need a bunch, and i dont think its a promo right????
  14. alright, but i cant rn, ill dm u later once i can
  15. you can see the locations at here-->https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Locations
  16. the emboar is already gone, but you can still trade for the kubfu is 6.5m ok, cuz idk the price
  17. Personally, i think its kinda hard to get VC by winning seasonals, because some people who are busy and have no time would never be able to get them, so i think it would be good if you guys added another way to get it, also you should have the ability to sell/give VC to other players
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