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  1. oops I guess I accidently didnt press edit last time i deleted it
  2. ooh ok but right now I am training someone else's is it okay if you wait till I've finished with the others?
  3. Sorry, not trading that for now. Pls dont ask why
  4. I'm not giving for free sorry it was hard to get So u hv to offer if u want it and make it fair ok
  5. Oh good thing u got unbanned Okay that would be fine lol
  6. Hi, oh yes the price is not rlly fair, but its almost fair. Tho 1 heart is not a lot, so just tell me when u want me to start
  7. Welpp!!
    There r 10 ppl who want me to exp/ heart train their pokes


    the list is not completed yet 


  8. Anyone want shadow poipole? added togepi haloween and more
  9. Adding a Togepi (Halloween)and Rotom (wash) also have ashadow poipole and moreee
    Trade with me in this post below l



    1. SAMUEL.D.S


      i need togepi halloween 

    2. Cha_Fey_S


      reply at the post whats ur offer

    3. SAMUEL.D.S
  10. Hi, Just saying that your rare section is not really proper, but who even cares as long as someone wants them right? Sorry not trying to be rude I'm only saying
  11. Hi, Yes I can heart train, but is it ok if it's not now? I am still training other people's Yes I can. I'ts not urgent though right? I'm still training someone else's Thank You
  12. Yeah I can But is it ok if I dont train it now? I'll tell you when I'm ready
  13. You should've said that but still not enough i'll tell u when i am ready to start training it and we can discuss about what u will give in return or how much u will pay after i finish training. will that be okay?
  14. wait i will tell u when cuz rn i am still training someone else's sorry
  15. u want me to train both or u want me to train 1m and ur paying me with a groudon?
  16. Okay right now I am training someone else's So I will tell you when I'm ready
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