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  1. @DARK_AURORA you might have missed this post, which came before you tried entering
  2. Offered level 12 snorunt on charizard, thanks!
  3. Thanks! Offered the Aipom you sent me the other time
  4. Offered Elgyem on your Tornadus!
  5. Ended up using calculator.net to assign numbers and select winners instead, but results are out! @Auke1993 wins @Nishkar wins and @HyperPanther wins @Cha_Fey_S wins --> Will be offering it on your trade for convenience, funny how this became a prize exchange! Unfortunately 1 of you didn't win anything, but there might be another giveaway after my exams so there's still hope
  6. here's a free chikoritafor you

    hope u like it

    to claim it just go to my trades :)

    1. lsy_1997


      Thanks! Will be offering your prize there Dark Stonjournerfor convenience

  7. Bro you need to pick the 2 remaining numbers - will just assign 0 and 9 to you since there's technically no other choice left. With that, the giveaway is now closed! Will be picking winners later today by picking random pieces of paper, but you all will still have up till 4 May to claim prizes as originally intended
  8. Following my giveaway last week, I am currently left with: , ,,, This time, the rules are: 1) Comment your IGN and any 2 numbers between 0-9 (both 0 and 9 are included) to enter. How this works is that I will randomly assign a number between 0-9 to each Pokemon. So it's entirely possible to win 2 Pokemon, or nothing at all! 2) Giveaway closes on either 30 April 11:59 pm (Singapore timezone) or when 5 different people comment, whichever one comes first. 3) Results will be released sometime on 1 May. These Pokemon are already up on my trades, so anyone wh
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