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  1. Sounds important enough to me! My IGN is lsy_1997
  2. Apparently we're not allowed to upvote posts as it violates forum rules? I removed my upvote for now, hopefully you stay out of trouble
  3. You said I was cheating though? No offense, but your choice of words have confused me twice in this thread alone. Anyway, upvoted your most recent post
  4. You didn't say in your rules that we can't use external sources though? It's not like I've been copying answers off others
  5. Is the Mewtwo (Mega X) still available? Also, can we claim any other Pokemon after getting a legendary?
  6. Magikarp, because Magikarp (Water) -> Gyarados (Water/Flying) -> Mega Gyarados (Water/Dark) Bulbapedia is a pretty helpful resource for noobs like me!
  7. It was a guess, hence the question mark. Are you going to say everyone here is copying too?
  8. So basically, first to reply when you login everyday wins? IGN lsy_1997
  9. Offered, hopefully I get at least 2-3 of those!
  10. Thanks, offered on Shiny Rolycoly using lsy_1997
  11. Hey thanks, but I don't see it? I put up a Growlithe for trade, so you can offer it there
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