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  1. how do I know u are telling the truth that u are cap.

    I want proof so text me in discord within 20 min fro me to belive in u

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    2. red_wolf_


      the link is in my profile

    3. iweimax0524
    4. red_wolf_


      i really dont care who joins tho so i guess anyone can join

  2. This is Captaincam1, Today I tried to log into my Pokemon Vortex account but it said my password was incorrect?! Is there any possible way you can check and see if it was updated or changed of if you can see the "new password? I worked really hard to become better so it would be miserable if all the work was for nothing. If you need any possible proof I can provide you with some of my friends or proof that im Captaincam1 Thank you. @Patrick @flamescape
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